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May 20 2018



power move: exclusively referring to sports played by women as “sports” and all the men’s sports exclusively as “men’s sports”

referring to athletes who are women as “athletes” and athletes who are men as “male athletes”

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Today’s aesthetic: keeping the same tab open in your browser for three solid weeks because you’re definitely going to get around to reading and/or acting on whatever’s in it any minute now.



Imagine being mad at women for being nice to each other and tweeting about it:

Then imagine that tweet backfiring! Lmbo

The entire thread is filled with women complimenting each other. I loved it! ☺️☺️

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Me: this is a SNAC


Not only did Thor roll up to the battlefield with a new haircut, new eye, new friends, and a weapon fit for a King, he also pulled everyone’s collective ass out of the fire and STILL found the time to flirt with Steve Rogers! Legends ONLY in this house

May 19 2018

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Ah yes, the three genders: Girl, Boy, and Mischief

May 18 2018

My annoying landlord



I pay this bitch $1800 every fucking month and all she do is complain about is “making too much noise walking around” so I brought a dog whistle and blow it all hours of the day & night now I complain how much her dog barks and keep me up

That is the ultimate petty move and I applaud you

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The next Avengers movie is gonna start like

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why u lookin up almond joys in the background

I had beef wit somone

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When I stopped at a crosswalk today this guy pulled up next to me, rolled his window down, and stuck his head out, and at first I was like ‘Oh no street harassment here it comes.’ but then the guy was like “DUDE! LOOK AT THAT HUGE RAINBOW BEHIND YOU.“ 

The only appropriate thing for a dude to shout at me out a car window.

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